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Science and Engineery of Materials and Processes

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Materials and Mechanical Engineering

The GPM2 group is conducting research on the mechanics of materials by addressing their processing, forming and properties. GPM2 researchers are working to establish the relationships between the microstructure/architecture of materials resulting from their processing, the elementary mechanisms of deformation and their macroscopic behaviour. This research is based on a methodology combining experimental methods, microstructural characterization and numerical simulations.
The team is currently composed of 15 researchers and a researcher on leave (start-up VULKAM). Our research relies on 20 to 30 doctoral and post-doctoral students and on four engineers and technicians of "Mechanics and Materials Processing" axis.

GPM2 is organized into three research themes :

•   Plasticity, damage, fracture

Elementary mechanisms
Discrete simulations

•   Architectured materials

Lattice structures
Porous and multi-material architectures

•   Design, processing, and imaging of materials

Design of alloys and microstructures
Innovative processing
High performance imaging

Date of update January 26, 2022

Université Grenoble Alpes