Elaboration and Heat Treatments

Elaboration et Traitements Thermiques

The Elaboration and Thermal Treatments theme focuses on the synthesis of thin films by gaseous processes (CVD, ALD), with a very marked "process engineering" approach, i. e. these means of elaboration are accompanied by multi-physical and thermodynamic numerical simulations, in order to minimize the design time of reactors and improve the reproducibility of the results. Approaches combining experimentation/experimental plans also allow an original approach to improving the synthesis of thin films. The coupling with digital simulations makes it possible to respond optimally to the demand of industrial partners in the field of thin films while ensuring optimal use of the research funds available to us for academic projects.

This theme also covers the field of metallurgy in the broad sense and the thermodynamics of massive phases, whether for structural weight reduction or exploratory research into the thermodynamic behaviour of biomass combustion slags, for example. This metallurgy activity is strongly coupled with thermodynamic simulation and one of the objectives is to complete existing bases or create new ones, whether for the benefit of an industrial partner to increase its competitiveness on new markets, or within a more general framework of scientific dissemination.

These activities are of course accompanied by structural and functional characterizations of thin layers or elaborated massive compounds, either at the level of the internal structure of the material, or at the level of surface properties. The main applications are mainly in the field of energy and increasing the durability of materials under intensive use or extreme conditions, while minimizing their impact on resources or their toxicity.
This theme involves a good balance between partnership and fundamental research. We try as much as possible to valorize our discoveries towards the publication, the filing of patents or the creation of start-ups.
Illustration Elaboration et Traitements Thermiques
Digital design and construction of an instrumented ALD reactor: wall temperatures, gas velocity and molar fractions.