SIMAP rubrique Valorisation 2022


Al-Li alloys for aerospace applications

  • Partner: Constellium
  • Type of partnership: long-term research partnership (25 years)
  • Structuring projects : ANR, CIFRE grants
  • Equipments: X-rays (laboratory and synchrotron), electron microscopy, calorimetry
  • Development and optimization of hardening nanometric phase precipitation in Al-Li and then Al-Cu-Li AIRWARE® alloys, optimization of mechanical properties

More details

Metal additive manufacturing

  • Partners: Polyshape, ONERA, Airbus
  • Structuring projects: ANR
  • Equipments: EBM, X-ray tomography
  • Creation of "tailor-made" materials with new functionalities: controlled surface relief, cellular or lattice structures, volume porosity gradients.

Surface treatment

  • Structuring projects: Carnot Energies du Futur, ANR, projet européen
  • Equipements : CVD, ALD
  • Surface functionalization, ceramic coatings (CVD), multilayers.

Crystal growth

  • Partners: OSEO, Ferropem, SNC, Solapure (start-up)
  • Structuring projects: ANR
  • Equipements: plasma pilot for silicon purification, continuous casting in cold crucible, Kyropoulos drawing
  • Understanding silicon purification mechanisms, single-crystal processing and crystal defect analysis.