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UGA Thesis Prize

Markku YLONEN - SIMaP Markku YLONEN is one of the 8 young PhDs distinguished by the UGA this year among the 550 PhDs of the class of 2020. Markku YLONEN did his thesis between the SIMaP and LEGI laboratories and in cotutelle with the University of Tampere in Finland. His subject is the monitoring of cavitation erosion by acoustic emission. The winners will be officially awarded at the " PhD Ceremony " on June 22, 2021, starting at 5:30 pm. (more details here).

In memoria

Michel PONS (SIMaP) With great sorrow, we are sad to announce the sudden passing of Michel PONS, on the night of April 23 to 24, 2021. Beyond having been a recognized researcher in the field of CVD, Michel has been a wonderful Head of laborarory, and for many of us, much more than that. We wish to pay tribute to him (read here).

BAM #TheLightStuff workshop

BAM #TheLightStuff workshop F. DeGeuser Frederic De Geuser, a CNRS scientist in PM group at SIMaP lab, was invited to give an online lecture at the BAM in Berlin in the framework of #TheLightStuff workshop. His presentation, entitled “Kinetics of precipitation in metallic alloys by small angle scattering”, can be watched here youtube .

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Picture of the month

Author: Jorge SANCHEZ

Shanghai Ranking

Shanghai Ranking In the top 100 of the Shanghai 2020 global ranking, Université Grenoble Alpes has consolidated its position in the recently published Shanghai 2021 subject ranking. Listed in the top 100 of the world's best universities for 18 disciplines, including 7 in the top 50.  Especially, in "Metallurgical Engineering" UGA is ranked 30, and the first French University. More details here.


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Date of update September 1, 2021

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