Mechanics and Materials Processing

Mechanical characterization

Tensile-Compression devices
• 10N-100KN
• various atmospheres and temperature ranges available

GPM2 tensile devices

Strain measurement : GOM ARAMIS 6M
• 2.5D Motion and Deformation Sensor
• portable
• resolution: 1µm
GPM2 strain measurement

Compact Nanoindentation plateform (Anton PAAR STEP4) and Optics (x5 x20 x50 x100)
Ultra Nano Hardness Tester (UNHT3) Wide Scan Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Micro Combi Tester (MCT3)
• Negligible thermal drift
• Depth resolution : 0,001nm
• Load resolution : 0,01µN
• Max load : 100mN
• Max depth 50µm
• Tips :
- Berkovich
- Cube corner
- Spheres (1µm & 10µm)
ultra nano hardness tester
• Scan area 110 µm x 110 µm
• Max vertical depth 22µm
• Optical top and side view of the cantilever
• Contact mode and Non contact dynamic mode
• Dynamic frequency range 15-300kHz

Wide Sacn AFM
• Micro scratch + Microindentation
• Max Load : 30N
• Max Friction Load : 30N
• Max penetration depth : 1mm
• Max scratch length : 4mm
• Tips :
- Sphere 100µm (scratch)
- Vickers (indentation)
micro combi tester
Tensile-compression in-situ device in SEM
• load cell 2000N & 5000N
• sample size: 29x27x5mm (LxBxH) CMTC
• Tmax=500°C

Microstructural characterization

X-ray nanotomography: RX solutions
• resolution: 0.25µm – 100µm
• ex-situ or post-mortem characterization
• multi-partners facility (UGA) CMTC
X-ray nanotomography
In-situ thermo-mechanical characterization developments

in-situ thermo-mecha in nano
in-situ thermo-mecha in micro
microtomography with additionnal manufacturing
in-situ additionnal manufacturing in micro
• Optical Dilatometry with constrained sintering (load 50 N)
• various atmospheres
• ceramics, metals
dilato optique dilato optique T=1350°C

Digital microscope, Olympus DSX 510
• resolution 200 nm
• large image capture possibilities
• 2D and 3D image capture
Digital microscope

Material processing

Additive manufacturing: Electron Beam Melting
• Two ARCAM A1 EBM machines
• Titanium alloys, new materials (Cu, Al, …)
• in-situ characterization
Electron Beam Melting with mini chamber

Conventional, Induction and microwave sintering
• direct induction heating
• microwave
• metal, ceramics powders


Amorphous metallic alloys
• ultra pure material elaboration
• injection
• surface texturation
• strong link with VULKAM start-up for processing
amorphous metallic alloys
Personnel technique