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Professor Grenoble INP - PHELMA

Contact details

SIMAP groupe GPM2 Batiment Ampère 101 rue de la physique 38402 Saint Martin d’hères Cédex France

  • Fax : 0476826382

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Research activities

Research activities

The research activities are done at the SIMAP Laboratory and are mainly devoted to relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties in dense or porous metallic materials as well as the microstructural evolution during thermo-mechanical treatment in dense metallic materials. The main classes of materials that have been studied are for dense materials aluminium metal matrix composites, aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys and for porous or cellular materials aluminium alloys, stainless steel. One of the main characteristic of the work is that the microstructure has been characterized using 3D in situ X-ray microtomography during mechanical testing or during thermal treatment mainly at ESRF (European Synchrotron Research Facilities in Grenoble with ID19, ID15 and ID16B mainly) but also using laboratory tomograph (EASYTOM XL tomograph based at SIMAP). The main research fields are :

  • Microstructural evolution during solidification and partial remelting of aluminium alloys
  • Defects formation during aluminium alloys solidification (intermetallics, hot tearing, pores …)
  • Damage during high temperature forming of aluminium and magnesium alloys
  • Mechanical behaviour of metal foams (aluminium, stainless steels) and entangled materials​​​​​​​


Over the course of my career I have published 109 articles in international journals and 115 in international conferences (including 20 guests and 77 with conference proceedings). All this gives an H-index of about 39. In addition, there is a book, 3 chapters of books and the coordination of a special issue of physics reviews.

  • Kumar, R., Villanova, J., Lhuissier, P., & Salvo, L. (2019). In situ nanotomography study of creep cavities in Al-3.6-Cu alloy. Acta Materialia, 166, 18-27.
  • Villanova, J., Daudin, R., Lhuissier, P., Jauffres, D., Lou, S., Martin, C. L., ... & Salvo, L. (2017). Fast in situ 3D nanoimaging: A new tool for dynamic characterization in materials science. Materials Today, 20(7), 354-359.​​​​​​​
  • Daudin, R., Terzi, S., Lhuissier, P., Tamayo, J., Scheel, M., Babu, N. H., ... & Salvo, L. (2017). Particle-induced morphological modification of Al alloy equiaxed dendrites revealed by sub-second in situ microtomography. Acta Materialia, 125, 303-310.
Full list of publications : >>> click here
Downloads >>> Analysis_3D: click here to download the zip file and put the jar file in imageJ/plugins directory. This plugin allows to perform on 3D data (fast 3D erosion/dilation, fast 3D granulometry, fast 3D median, 3D labeling, 3D parameters calculation, 3D filering on parameters, 3D interactive region growing)


Activities / Resume


  • 2012 : Full professor at Grenoble INP
  • Dec 2007 : Ability for research supervising (French diploma HDR) : « Microstructures and relationship between microstructures and properties using in situ X-ray microtomography »
  • Since 1994 : Lecturer : teaching at Grenoble INP / PHELMA (Groupe Grenoble INP) and research at SIMAP (group GPM2)
  • 1992 -1994 : Assistant lecturer
  • 1992 : PHD in Material and Engineering Science « Comportement au durcissement structural de matériaux composites à matrice aluminium renforcée de particules céramiques : cas des systèmes 6061/SiC et 6061/Al2O3 » Director M. Suéry (Laboratory GPM2),
  • 1989 : Master of Research in Material and Engineering Science (Laboratory GPM2)
  • 1988 : Engineer Diploma ENSIEG (INP Grenoble)

Academic responsabilities

  • Co-Director of the Doctoral School (IMEP2 specialty MMGE) since 2010 and member of the HDR committee of the doctoral school since 2014
  • Co-Director of the European master program EMINE since 2016
  • Co-Director of the International master MaNuEn (Grenoble INP) since 2010

Research Responsabilities

  • Member of the organisation committee of the international conference ICTMS (to be held in 2021)
  • Member of the organisation committee of the international conference ICAA17 (to be held in 2020)
  • Expert at the ANR (committee CES 42) : 2018-2019
  • Co-Coordinator of IM3D MAXI and IM3D AUTOP project (2014-) : acquisition of lab tomograph EASYTOM XL with various laboratory and labex and new detectors.
  • Coordinator of SIMAP contribution to european program EXOMET 2012-2016 FP7 program with 27 laboratories and industries
  • Co-Coordination of Long Term Project at ESRF (MA1876 2013-2016, MA560 2009-2011)
  • Coordinator of various ANR project (TOMOSOLIDAL 2005-2008, SIMUZAL 2008-2012) and of tasks of ANR project (EDDAM 2012-2016, ALXM 2018-2022)

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