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Professor at Phelma Grenoble INP


SIMAP Laboratory : ECOMARCH building SIMaP, 1130, rue de la piscine, Domaine Universitaire, BP75, 38402 Saint-Martin d'Hères, France

  • Fax : 0476826382

Site internet :

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  • 2012 : Full professor at Grenoble INP
  • Dec 2007 : Ability for research supervising (French diploma HDR) : « Microstructures and relationship between microstructures and properties using in situ X-ray microtomography »
  • Since 1994 : Lecturer : teaching at Grenoble INP / PHELMA (Groupe Grenoble INP) and research  at SIMAP (group GPM2)
  • 1992 -1994 : Assistant lecturer
  • 1992 : PHD in Material and Engineering Science « Comportement au durcissement structural de matériaux composites à matrice aluminium renforcée de particules céramiques : cas des systèmes 6061/SiC et 6061/Al2O3 » Director M. Suéry (Laboratory GPM2),
  • 1989 : Master of Research in Material and Engineering Science (Laboratory GPM2)
  • 1988 : Engineer Diploma  ENSIEG (INP Grenoble

Academic responsabilities

  • 2020 - now : Scientific Research Director of Grenoble INP (materials, mechanics, energy, physics)
  • 2010-2020 : Co-Director of the Doctoral School (IMEP2 specialty MMGE)
  • 2014-2020 : Member of the HDR committee of the doctoral school
  • 2016-2021 : Co-Director of the European master program EMINE
  • 2010- now Co-Director of the International master MaNuEn (Grenoble INP)
Others responsabilities
  • 2022 : Member of Committee for a  position of Full Professor at PHELMA / Grenoble INP
  • 2022 : Member of the organisation committee of the international conference ICTMS (to be held in 2022)
  • 2020 : Member of the organisation committee of the international conference ICAA17 (2020)
  • 2018-2019 : Member of the ANR (French Research Agency) CES 42 committee : evaluation of 10-15 projects per year.

Research activities

In the SIMAP laboratory ( ), I am part of the GPM2 group and I am involved in the three research themes of the group: "Plasticity, damage, rupture", "Architectural materials" and "Design, processing, imaging of materials". The research themes cover both the elaboration of materials, their shaping and the optimisation of their properties, whether on monolithic, composite or architecturally structured materials. In order to answer the scientific questions related to these activities, it has been necessary to develop in situ characterisation methods using X-ray tomography at different scales at the synchrotron and in the laboratory, as well as numerical modelling tools. The developments were carried out in particular through collaborations with the ESRF on fast in situ tomography at micro and, more recently, at the nano scales. This work is highly recognised worldwide: they have been the subject of numerous invited conferences in recent years and of high-impact publications. The use of these developments makes it possible to answer unsolved scientific questions, both fundamental and industrial. The different themes developed in recent years and described below are

  • Damage and closure of porosities during hot deformation: 2 PhD in progress: monitoring by in situ X-ray nanotomography PhD R. Kumar (ESRF/CEMAM funding), creep in steels for 4th generation nuclear reactors (PhD O. Ozdémir with EDF in progress).  Closure of porosities during rolling (P. Gravier, Anthony Harrup Guttierez PhD in collaboration with Constellium in progress)
  • Architectural materials: understanding the mechanisms during development and mechanical behaviour: numerical simulation of thermal exchange (PhD C. Thoumyre) and discrete (PhD R. Gibaud). In situ additive manufacturing (Collaboration P. Lhuissier, G. Martin).
  • Understanding of solidification and deformation mechanisms in composites: solidification mechanisms are studied using in situ X-ray tomography and have focused in recent years on the impact of nanoparticles on microstructures (several ANR project TOMOSOLIDAL and SIMUZAL, a European EXOMET project,  with PhD B. Mireux, post-doctorate S Terzi, R. Daudin) but also on hot properties (PhD M. Garrido). The hot behaviour of composites reinforced with amorphous micrometric particles was studied in the framework of the ANR EDDAM (2013-2016, Post doc R. Brauman).
  • X-ray attack of integrated circuits: this is a new activity that we have initiated in collaboration with CEA LETI (CESTI) in the framework of an ANR MITIX (2020-2024, post doc S. Bouat).
  • Development of laboratory tomography in the framework of several ongoing multidisciplinary projects (IRS 2017-2022, ANR 2018-2023, PhD H. Murtaza, Post doc R. Granger).
  • Development of in situ characterisation by ultrafast X-ray tomography at the micro scale at the ESRF synchrotron: two long term project of 3 years (LTP MA560 2008 – 2011 on “ultra fast in situ microtomography at high temperature and under mechanical testing or thermal treatment : application to solidification, sintering and damage in metals “ and LTP MA1876 2013 -2016, “Use of coherency and large field of view for fast in situ multi-resolution imaging” ) collaboration” with E. Boller (ID19)
  • Development of in situ characterisation by ultrafast X-ray tomography at the nano scale at the ESRF synchrotron: collaboration with J. Villanova since 2017 on ID16B (ESRF)
  • Development of the coupling of artificial intelligence and 3D imaging in the framework of a Long Term Project with ESRF (LTP MA4928 on ”Correlative Imaging for Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Materials” which has just started in 2022) and also by the submission of a CDP project (Cross Disciplinary Project of the IDEX) on new generation 3D imaging, which brings together 2 labex, 4 research poles, 10 laboratories and 75 researchers (undergoing appraisal)


Activités / CV

Research Supervision, referee, jury and prizes

  • 23 PhD students (2 ongoing), 10 post doctorants, 15 master Thesis,
  • 12 times members of PhD jury and 3 times HDR jury
  • Alcan Prize for research work (2009)


Over the whole career I have published more than 111 papers in international journals and 125 in international conferences (including 20 invited and 77 with conference proceedings). In addition, I have published a book, 3 book chapters and coordinated a special issue of the Comptes rendus de physique. All this gives an H-index of about 41 with an average of 450 citations per year.

My google scholar profile :

Downloads >>> Analysis_3D: click here to download the zip file and put the jar file in imageJ/plugins directory. This plugin allows to perform on 3D data (fast 3D erosion/dilation, fast 3D granulometry, fast 3D median, 3D labeling,  3D parameters calculation, 3D filering on parameters, 3D interactive region growing)

Research projects responsibilities :

  • 2021 in progress :  co coordinator of the long term project MA4928 CIAM 3Long termrCollaboration with ESRF: the end of the Long Term Project with ID19 at ESRF and the start of a very fruitful collaboration with ID16b at ESRF for the development of fast in situ nano tomography, which led to the filing of a new LTP for 3 years on this line and the new BM18 line.
  • 2021 in progress :  co writer of the ADAM project (focused on architecture materials) in the framework of the large exploratory French project PEPR DIADEM (one of the 4 selected for the first wave : budget 86 M€)
  • 2020-in progress : Scientific Director of Grenoble INP (materials, mechanics, physics, energy) from 2020 : I am one of the 4 scientific directors of Grenoble INP, supporting the vice-president of the scientific council, Valérie Perrier. My scope covers all the laboratories, federations and platforms in the Physics, Energy, Materials and Mechanics theme. This represents 12 laboratories and 9 federations, labex or platforms.
  • 2014 in progress: Coordinator with P. Lhuissier of the Im3D-MAXI project: Implementation and operation of a high-resolution laboratory tomograph in the Grenoble basin: total cost 550,000 euros partners (Labex CEMAM, TECXXI, OSUG@2020, SIMAP and 3SR laboratories, IRSTEA Institute, PhiTEM, Grenoble INP CMTC Platform).
  • 2013-2016: Grenoble INP coordinator of the European EXOMET programme involving 17 partners (2012- 2016): "Physical processing of molten light alloys under the influence of external fields"
  • 2013-2016: Coordinator of a long Term project with ESRF MA1876: "Use of coherency and large field of view for fast in situ multi-resolution imaging "

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