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CNRS Research Professor

Contact details

SIMaP-GPM2, 1130 Rue de la Piscine, Batiment ECOMARCH, BP75, 38402 St Martin d'Heres cedex

  • Tél. : +33 (0)4 76 82 64 07

Personal Website :

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Teaching activities

Mechanics of Solids and Fluids (PHELMA 1)
Numerical Methods (PHELMA 2)
Dislocations and Irradiation Defects (Master MANUEN)

Research activities

Discrete Dislocation Dynamics
Crystal plasticity
Cavitation erosion
Fluide/structure interaction
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Discrete dislocation dynamics simulations: application to multiscale modelling of crystal plasticity (

Crystal sheared by Frank-Read loop mechanism This research activity deals with multiscale modelling of crystal plasticity with a special focus on discrete dislocation simulations (DD code). In the DD code developed at SIMaP, the dislocation lines are simulated as 3D line defects embedded in an elastic continuum medium. The scale of a typical simulation box being of the order of 10 µm³, the DD code is ideally located between the atomistic simulations of molecular dynamics and the finite element methods used to treat the continuum mechanics. DD simulations are thus an interesting numerical tool to use when information from the lowest scale has to be accounted for at the continuum level.

Cavitation erosion simulations:

The objective of this activity developed in collaboration with LEGI, is to compute mass loss of materials repeatedly impacted by bubble collapses. During the past few years we have been addressing this issue in three ways.
  • (i) Inverse FEM modelling: A specimen was exposed to cavitation during a few minutes and the individual pits printed on the surface were measured. An inverse FEM analysis is then conducted in order to find the pressure loads that could generate similar pits. This gives an estimation of the flow aggressiveness.
  • (ii) CFD/FEM coupling: Computional Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element codes are coupled in order to compute the damage cumulated in the solid after the collapse of many bubbles in vicinity of the liquid/solid interface.
  • (iii) SPH simulations: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics simulations are developed in order to account in a single code for both a compressive model for the fluid part and a elasto-visco-plastic damage model for the solid part.
Pitting due to a Detached Cavity
2D Axisymmetric SPH simulation of a bubble collapse near an elasto-visco-plastic solid wall (S. Joshi 2018).


Activities / Resume

2009 - CNRS Research Professor at SIMaP-GPM2
2008 - Habilitation in Mechanics from Université Joseph Fourier
1998 - CNRS Research assistant at GPM2
1997 - Ph.D thesis from Grenoble INP
1993 - Agrégation in Mechanics from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan

Latest publications

HAL Archives ouvertes ORCID Research Gate Marc FIVEL
C. Pauzon, M. Buttard, A. Després, F. Charlot, M. Fivel, B. Chehab, J.-J. Blandin, G. Martin, Direct ageing of LPBF Al-1Fe-1Zr for high conductivity and mechanical performance, Acta Materialia, 258, 119199, (2023).
J. Muzy, M. Fivel, S. Labor, D. Guignier, J. Baruchel, T.N. Caliste, V. Nagirnyi, T. Duffar, Influence of growth process and crystal defects on sapphire brittleness, Journal of Crystal Growth, 127327, (2023).
J.A.G. Joa, L. Dupuy, P. Raback, M. Fivel, M. Perez, J. Amodeo, El-Numodis: a new tool to model dislocation and surface interactions, Modelling and Simulations in Materials Science and Engineering, 31(5), 055003, (2023).
Y.A. Amouzou-Adoun, M. Jebahi, M. Fivel, S. Forest, J.-S. Lecomte, C. Schuman, F. Abed-Meraim, On elastic gaps in strain gradient plasticity: a 3D discrete dislocation dynamics investigation, Acta Materialia, 252, 118920, (2023).
J. Hofmann, C. Thiebaut, M. Riondet, P. Lhuissier, S. Gaudion, M. Fivel, Comparison of acoustic and hydrodynamic cavitation : Material point of view, Physics of Fluids, 35, 017112, (2023).

J. S. Espinoza, F. Trabelsi, C. Escape, L. Charpentier, M. Fivel, E. Blanquet, F. Mercier, Ti3SiC2-SiC multilayer thin films deposited by high temperature reactive chemical vapor deposition, Surface and Coatings Technology, 128815, (2022).
A. Ahmine, P. Djemia, M. Fivel, F. Faurie, N. Giraudon-Boulandet-, M. Velazquez, L. Xuan and T. Duffar, Mechanical Properties of Li2MoO4 single crystals, Journal of Applied Physics, 131, 175102, (2022).

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M. Longsworth and M. Fivel, The effect of stress on the cross-slip energy in face-centered cubic metals: A study using dislocation dynamics simulations and line tension models, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 148, 104281, (2021).

S. Joshi, J.-P. Franc, G. Ghigliotti and M. Fivel, An axisymmetric solid SPH solver with consistent treatment of particles close to the symmetry axis, Computational Particle Mechanics (2020).
M. Ylönen, P. Saarenrinne, J. Miettinen, J.-P. Franc, M. Fivel and J. Laakso, Estimation of cavitation pit distributions by acoustic emission, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 146(2):04019064, (2020).
S. Joshi, J.-P. Franc, G. Ghigliotti and M. Fivel, Bubble collapse induced cavitation erosion: plastic strain and energy dissipation investigation, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 134, 103749, (2020).

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Date of update August 30, 2023

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