New paper by Olivier Doche

The paper from Olivier Doche et al. entitled "Transportation and coherent structures in MHD turbulent channel flow subject to uniform streamwise and spanwise magnetic fields" has been published in Phys. Rev. Fluids.
Link to the paper.

The effect of both uniform spanwise and streamwise magnetic fields on the near wall region of a turbulent channel flow is invetigated using direct numerical simulations. It is already known that the spanwise magnetic field leads to flow relaminarization for magnetic intensity significantly smaller than the streamwise magnetic field. The explanation of this phenomenon is not straightforward and a deep analysis of the fine turbulence structure is needed for a clear understanding. A detailed analysis is conducted through the Reynolds shear-stress transport equations and the conditional averaging educed from the near wall active eddies, thus connecting the magnetic field orientation effect to the coherent electric current topology.