New paper by Abdelmounaim Ahmine

The paper from A. Ahmine et al. entitled "Conventional Czochralski growth of large Li2MoO4 single crystals" has been published in Journal of Crystal Growth.
Link to the paper.

Lithium molybdate single crystals up to one kilogram have been grown by a conventional Czochralski process. The growth configuration (geometry, coil, crucible, insulation casing) was optimized by numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer. Dislocations are shown to belong to the basal glide system. Their density (≤104 cm-2) and luminescence properties indicate crystal quality similar to that of previously reported crystals grown by Czochralski technique. Numerical simulation of thermo-elastic stresses suggest that the crack observed in one of
these crystals is rather due to a mechanical accident than to internal stresses during growth.