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STUDY OF THE LOMER-COTTRELL JUNCTION (111)[01-1] (blue) + (11-1)[101] (yellow) L0=30nm Phi=60° The strength of a Lomer-Cottrell junction is studied using 3D4.
Two arms are located on the (111)[01-1] (blue) and the (11-1)[101] (yellow) slip systems.
The initial angle between each dislocation line and the intersecting line between the 2 slip planes is 60°.
The structure at equilibrium is shown in the center picture.
Stress is then applied in order to break the junction.
The animations are displayed in the Tau1,Tau2 frame corresponding to the components of the resolved shear stresses computed on the 2 slip systems. As an example Tau1=Tau2 corresponds to the upper right animation.

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mise à jour le 23 mars 2009

Université Grenoble Alpes