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Science et ingénierie des matériaux et des procédés


Journée séminaire TOP 2016


Session 1
Philippe Dumaz: Protection by ALD of high potential materials for Li-ion batteries
Naveen Aruchamy : Experimental determination of liquidus surfaces for iron-based ternary systems

Session 2
Nikos Tsavdaris  : Growth of Nb-Ti-N ternary compounds by high temperature CVD
Mikhail Chubarov  : Growth of AlN on flat and patterned (111) silicon by high temperature CVD
Alexandre Michaud : Chromium carbide chemical vapor deposition, evaluation and modeling

Session 3
Rémi Blanchard : Homogeneous catalysis for Li-ion batteries
Divya Taneja : The behavior of SnAg bumps during soldering for imaging and microdisplay application
Fabien Roze  : Study of SiGe oxidation for CMOS-SOI applications

Session 4
Sabrina Fadloum  : Copper MOCVD for 3D interconnects
Ivane Bottala :  NbN thin films deposited by ALD
Daria Barsuk : Dealloying to Nanoporous silver and nanoporous copper for potential catalytic and SERS applications

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Université Grenoble Alpes