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Galerie: couches minces et empilements fonctionnels

Various micrometric objects covered by the ALD technique (here TaN and Ta2O5)

4 inch silicon wafer covered with 80 nm of AlN (ALD technique)

Multilayer of epitaxial nitrides and structure identification

Localised growth of epitaxial AlN on silicon pillars

Numerical modeling of Halide CVD reactor for upscaling of AlN deposition

ALD/CVD reactor implemented on the diffractometer of the SIRIUS beamline at the French synchrotron SOLEIL (collaboration LMGP, SIMAP, SOLEIL, IM2NP, LMOPS)

2 inch epitaxial AlN grown on sapphire by the Halide-CVD technique

Halide CVD reactor at SIMAP

2 inch epitaxial NbN grown on sapphire by the Halide-CVD technique

Superconducting properties of epitaxial NbTiN grown by Halide CVD

Atomic structure of the AlN/SiC interface

mise à jour le 20 septembre 2017

Université Grenoble Alpes