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Fait marquant dans l'équipe EPM

EPM2015 : 8th International Conference on Electromagnetic Processing of Materials


Electromagnetic Processing of Materials (EPM) relates to all branches of materials processing where some benefit could be attained from an electromagnetic influence on the process. This covers traditional areas such as liquid metal processing, metal casting and solidification, induction heating, but also crystal growth from the melt, plasma processes, recycling, separation,.... The series of EPM conferences was initiated in 1994 by S. Asai (Japan) and M. Garnier (France). It takes place every three years alternating between Europa and Asia (Nagoya 1994, Paris 1997, Nagoya 2000, Lyon 2003, Sendai 2006, Dresden 2009, Beijing 2012). The conference is open for any kind of materials processing involving electric or magnetic fields. It intends to bring together people from academic institutions, industry and related equipment manufacturers.

For its eighth edition, we chose a prestigious location in Cannes, famous for its International Film Festival. The hotel is located on the Croisette in front of the Palais des Festivals. It boasts a private beach overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

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