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Composite powder

film 15_pct

no contact with another hard particle

one contact

two contacts

more than two contacts
Close-die compaction of 15 % of large hard particles embedded in a soft powder matrix.
Large hard particles turn to different colors as their coordination with other hard particles increases.    
Periodic conditions on the vertical axis. 300 000 particles in total (most of the white soft particles have been removed for clarity)

Publication :

C L Martin, D Bouvard. Study of the cold compaction of composite powders by the Discrete Element Method. Acta Mater. 51, 373-386 (2003). 

C L Martin, D Bouvard. Isostatic compaction of bimodal powder mixtures and composites. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 46, 907-927 (2004).

mise à jour le 21 juin 2011

Université Grenoble Alpes