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Science and Engineery of Materials and Processes

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CHAIX Jean Marc

Directeur de Recherche

Contact details

SIMAP 101 rue de la Physique BP46 Domaine universitaire, site Ampère F-38402 Saint Martin d'Hères

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Research activities

  • Sintering process and mechanisms in metals, ceramics and multimaterials, with emphasis on field-assisted rapid sintering processes: grain growth, multimaterials
  • Experimental approach and modelling
  • Quantitative analysis of microstructures: image analysis, relationships between microstructure and properties
  • Powders and granular media

Additional information

Selected papers

  • Direct Microwave Sintering of Alumina in a Single Mode Cavity: Magnesium doping effects, J. Croquesel, C. P. Carry, J.-M. Chaix, D. Bouvard, S. Saunier, Journal of the European Ceramic Society 38 (2018), 1841-1845, doi:10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2017.12.010
  • Theoretical and experimental investigations of local overheating at particle contacts in spark plasma sintering, C. Collard, Z. Trzaska, L. Durand, J.-M. Chaix, J.-P. Monchoux. Powder Technology, 321 (2017), 458-470, doi: 10.1016/j.powtec.2017.08.033.
  • Sintering mechanisms of Cu-Cr metallic composites, A. Papillon, S. Roure, H. Schellekens, J.-M. Missiaen, J.-M. Chaix, International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials 65 (2017) 9–13; doi: 10.1016/j.ijrmhm.2016.11.010.
  • Effect of current on the sintering of pre-oxidized copper powders by SPS, R. Collet, S. Le Gallet, F. Naimi,F. Charlot, G. Bonnefont, G. Fantozzi, J.M. Chaix and F. Bernard, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 692, 478-484, (2016) ; DOI: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2016.08.191.
  • Development of an instrumented and automated single-mode cavity for ceramic microwave sintering: application to an alpha pure alumina powder, J. Croquesel, D. Bouvard, J-M. Chaix, P. Carry, S.Saunier, Materials and Design, Volume 88, 25 December 2015, Pages 98–105
  • Flash sintering incubation in Al2O3/TZP composites,   E.Bichaud, J.M. Chaix, C. Carry, M. Kleitz, M.C. Steil Journal of the European Ceramic Society 35 (2015) 2587–2592
  • Densification and microstructure changes of micron-size nickel powder during direct induction sintering; A. Guyon, D. Bouvard, J.M. Chaix, C.P. Carry, Powder Metallurgy vol 57 no1 ( 2014), 54-60 DOI 10.1179/1743290113Y.0000000069
  • Identification of the (pE +1/E)-dependence of porous low-k time dependent dielectric breakdown using over one year long package level tests;. E. Chery,?, X. Federspiel, D. Roy, F. Volpi, J.-M. Chaix; Microelectronic Engineering 109 (2013), 90-93
  • Co-sintering and Microstructural characterisation of steel / cobalt base alloy bimaterials, C. Pascal, A. Thomazic, A. Antoni-Zdziobek, J.-M. Chaix, Journal of Materials Science (2012) vol. 47, pp1875-1886, DOI 10.1007/s10853-011-5976-8
  • Pressureless co-sintering behaviour of a steel / cemented carbide component: model bimaterial, C. Pascal, A. Thomazic, A. Antoni-Zdziobek, J.-M. Chaix, International Journal of Materials Research, 2012/03, Pages 296-308, 2012 ; DOI: 10.3139/146.110647
  • Parametric study of horizontally vibrated grain packings Comparison between Discrete Element Method and experimental results, Nadler S.; Bonnefoy O.; Chaix J. -M., G. Thomas, J.-L. Gelet, European Physical Journal E, vol.34(7) (2011), art. 66, DOI: 10.1140/epje/i2011-11066-y
  • Interface Reactivity and Induced Phenomena during Sintering in a Model Steel/Cemented Carbide Bimaterial,  A. Thomazic, C. Pascal, J.-M. Chaix, Advanced Engineering Materials, Vol. 13(7) (2011) p. 594-598, DOI: 10.1002/adem.201000343
  • Analysis of the densification of a vibrated sand packing, A. Raihane, O. Bonnefoy, J-M. Chaix,J-L. Gelet, G. Thomas, Powder Technol. Vol. 208(2) (2011) p. 289-295, doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2010.08.018
  • Quantitative analysis of microstructure and modeling of sintering, Jean-Marc Chaix, Materials Science Forum Vol. 624 (2009) pp 1-18 (special volume “Sintering Fundamentals”, invited papers)
  • Velocity field computation in vibrated granular media using an optical flow based multiscale image nalysis method,. J. Debayle, A. Raihane, A. Belhaoua, O. Bonnefoy, G. Thomas, J.M. Chaix, J-C. Pinoli, , Image Anal Stereol; 28 (2009), 35-43
  • Local study of defects during sintering of UO2: image processing and quantitative analysis tools, E.Girard, J.M. Chaix, F. Valdivieso, P. Goeuriot, J.Léchelle, Image Anal. Stereol., 27 (2008) pp.79-85

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