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Science and Engineery of Materials and Processes

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MARTIN Guilhem

Associate Professor - Université Grenoble Alpes

Contact details

Laboratoire SIMaP/GPM2 - Site Ampère 101, rue de la physique 38402 Saint Martin D'Hères FRANCE

Personal Website :

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Teaching activities

I am teaching at Polytech Grenoble within the department of Materials Engineering of the Université Grenoble Alpes, see more details in the following link:

Here are the courses I am teaching:
- Mechanical Metallurgy
- Fatigue and Creep
- Physical Metallurgy: diffusion, solidification and solid state phase transformations
- Additive Manufacturing
I am also involved in pratical labs, please see the link below:

Research activities

My main reserach interest can be summarized as metallurgy of additively manufactured parts. We aims at characterizing the key steps of additive manufacturing processing routes: from raw materials (powders, wires) to the final components. We made materials using selective electron beam melting and we also characterize materials fabricated through other AM-processes, in particular WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) and LBM (Laser Beam Melting).
Our research activity can be summarized as follows:

  • Microstructures BY Additive Manufacturing, the idea is to take advantage of the specific solidification conditions offered by those processes in order to produce new microstructures.
  • Microstructure FOR Additive Manufacturing, the purpose is to develop new strategies to develop new alloy compositions or modifications of existing grades in order to make them suitable for those processing routes.
  • Manufacturing and characterization of  architectured materials such as lattice structures since AM turns out ot be the most efficient way to produce such complex geometries.

Additional information


  • Emeric Plancher, Pauline Gravier, Edouard Chauvet, Jean-Jacques Blandin, Elodie Boller, Luc Salvo, Pierre Lhuissier. Tracking pores durong solidification of a Ni-based superalloy using 4D synchrotron microtomography. Acta Materialia 181 (2019) 1-9
  • Paraskevas Kontis, Edouard Chauvet, Zirong Peng, Junyang He, Alisson Kwiatkowski Da Silva, Dierk Raabe, Catherine Tassin, Jean-Jacques Blandin, Rémy Dendievel, Stépahne Abed, Baptiste Gault, Guilhem Martin. Atomic-scale grain boundary engineering to overcome hot cracking in additively manufactured superalloys. Acta Materialia 177 (2019) 209-221
  • Théo Persenot, Alexis Burr, Emeric Plancher, jean-Yves Buffière, Rémy Dendievel, Guilhem Martin. Effect of ultrasonic shot peening on the surface defects of thin struts built by Electron Beam Melting : consequences on fatigue resistance. Additive Manufacturing 28 (2019) 821-830
  • Emeric Plancher, Lorène Héraud, Pierre Lhuissier, Rémy Dendievel, Damien fabrègue, Jean-Jacques Blandin, Guilhem Martin. Towards behaviour by design: a case study on corrugated architectures. Materials and Design 166 (2019) 107604
  • Audrey Lechartier, Nicolas Meyer, Rafael Estevez, Marc Mantel, Guilhem Martin, Guillaume Parry, Muriel Veron, Alexis Deschamps. Deformation beahviour of lean duplex stainless steels with strain idnuced martensitic transformation: Role of deformation mechanisms, alloy chemistry and predeformation. Materialia 000 (2019) 100190
  • Charlotte de Formanoir, Guilhem Martin, Frédéric Prima, Sébastien Alain, Thibaut Dessolier, Fan Sun, SolangeVivès, Benjamin Harry, Yves Bréchet, Stéphane Godet. Micromechanical beaviour and thermal stability of a dual phase a+a'titanium alloy produced by additive manufacturing. Acta Materialia 162 (2019) 149-162
  • Théo Persenot, Alexis Burr, Guilhem Martin, Jean-Yves Buffière, Rémy Dendievel, Eric maire. Effect of build orientation on the fatigue properties of as-built Electron Beam Melted Ti-6Al-4V. International Journal of Fatigue 118 (2019) 65-76


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  • Edouard Chauvet, Paraskevas Kontis, Eric Jagle, Baptiste Gault, Dierk Raabe,Catherine Tassin, Jean-Jacques Blandin, Rémy Dendievel, benajamin Vayre, Stéphane Abed, Guilhem Martin. Hot cracking mechanism affecting a non-weldable Ni-based superalloy produced by selective electron beam melting. Acta Materialia 125 (2019) 82-94


  • Alexis Deschamps, Guilhem Martin, Rémy Dendievel, Hugo Van Landeghem. Lighter structures for transports: the role of innovation in metallurgy. Compte Rendus  Physique (2017) 445-452
  • Audrey Lechartier, Guilhem Martin, Solène Comby, Francine Roussel-Dherbey, Alexis Deschamps, Marc Mantel, Nicolas Meyer, marc Verdier, Muriel Veron. Influence of the martensitic transformation on the microscale plastic strain heterogeneities in a duplex stainless steel. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A A48 (2017) 20-25
  • Charlotte De Formanoir, Alice Brulard, Solange Vivès, Guilhem Martin, Frédéric Prima, Sébatien Michotte, Edouard Rivière, Adrien Dolimont, Stéphane Godet. A strategy to improve the work-hardening of Ti-6Al-4V produced by additive manufacturing. Materials Research Letters 5 (2017) 201-208
  • Pierre Lhuissier, Charlotte De Formanoir, Guilhem Martin, Rémy Dendievel, Stéphane Godet. Geometrical control of lattice structures produced by EBM through chemical etching:investigation at the scale of individual struts. Materials and Design 110 (2016) 485-493.
  • Sylvain Dancette, Marie Willement, Arnaud Bowet, Guilhem Martin, Laurent Delannay. Automatic processing of an orientation map into a finite elements mesh that confroms to grain boundaries. Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 24 (2016) 055014
  • Guilhem Martin, Damien Fabrègue, Florian Mercier, Juan-Antonia Chafino-Aixa, Rémy Dendievel, Jean-Jacques Blandin. Coupling electron beam melting and spark plasma sintering : a new processing route to achieve architectured microstructures. Scripta Materialia 122 (2016) 5-9
  • Charlotte de Formaoir, Mathieu Suard, Guilhem Martin, Rémy Dendievel, Stéphane Godet. Improving the mechanical efficiency of electron beam melted lattice strcutures by chemical etching. Additive Manufacturing 11 (2016) 70-76
  • Fanny Mas, Guilhem Martin, Pierre Lhuissier, Catherine Tassin, Yves Bréchet, Aude Simar. Heterogeneities in local plastic flow behaviour in a dissimilar weld between a low alloy steel and stainless steel. Materials Science and Engineering A 667 (2016) 56-70


  • Mathieu Suard, Guilhem Martin, Rémy Dendievel, Pierre Lhuissier, Jean-Jacques Blandin, Frédéric Vignat, François Villeneuve. Mechanical equivalent diameter of single strut for the stiffness predictions of lattice structures produced by EBM. Additive Manufacturing 8 (2015) 124-131
  • Chad Sinclair, Guilhem Martin, Ricardo Lebensohn. Factors contributing to plastic strain amplification in slip dominated of magnesium alloys. Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 23 (2015) 085002
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  • Guilhem Martin, Chad Sinclair, Jean-Hubert Schmitt. Plastic strain heterogeneities in a Mg-1Zn-0.5Nd alloy. Scripta Materialia 68 (2013) 695-698
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  • Guilhem Martin, Daniel Caldemaison, Michel Bornert, Christophe Pinna, Yves Bréchet, Muriel Veron, Jean-Denis Mithieux, Laurent Delannay, Thomas Pardoen. Characterization of the high temperature strain partioning in a duplex steel. Experimental Mechanics 53 (2013) 205-215

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Date of update March 5, 2020

Université Grenoble Alpes