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PhD defenses in 2018

Modelling cavitation erosion using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Shrey Joshi
Supervisors: M. Fivel, J.-P Franc (LEGI) and G. Ghigliotti (LEGI)
Defended November 9th 2018

Oxidation and hydrogen pick-up of titanium alloys in primary coolant of pressurized water reactors: mechanisms, kinetics and impact on the mechanical behavior
Quentin BIGNON
Supervisors: Y. Wouters, Q. Auzoux (CEA-Saclay) and F. Martin (CEA-Saclay)
Defended Friday, November 9th 2018

Thermal oxidation of chromium in controled atmosphere: semiconductive properties and structure of chromia
Supervisor: L. Latu-Romain
Defended November 8th 2018

Multiphysics multiscale numerical modelling of the solidification of alloys under forced convection
Csaba Nagy

Supervisors: Y. Du Terrail Couvat, O. Budenkova and A. Roosz
Defended September 7th, 2018

Development and application of an in situ SEM nanoindenter coupled with electrical measurements
Solène COMBY
Supervisors: M. Verdier and F. Volpi
Defended July 19th 2018

Study of buckling and delamination of ductile thin films on rigid substrates

Supervisors: G. Parry and R. Estevez
Defended February 8th 2018

Experimental study and numerical simulation of multi-cracking of thin films on compliant substrate
Supervisors: G. Parry, D. Dalmas (STM/LTDS Lyon), R. Estevez
Defended January 26th 2018

Kyropoulos growth and characterisation of Titanium doper Sapphire
Gourav SEN
Supervisor: Thierry Dufar
Defended January 11th 2018

Date of update March 1, 2021

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