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Publications 2016

Solidification paths in the iron-rich part of the Fe-Ti-B ternary system.
J Alloys Compd. 2016;657:302-12.
Antoni-Zdziobek A, Gospodinova M, Bonnet F, Hodaj F.

A combinatorial approach for studying the effect of Mg concentration on precipitation in an Al-Cu-Li alloy.
Scr Mater. 2016;110:44-7.
Gumbmann E, De Geuser F, Deschamps A, Lefebvre W, Robaut F, Sigli C

The role of reactivity in wetting by liquid metals: a review.

Journal of Materials Science, 2016, 1, 425-37.
Eustathopoulos, N ; Voytovych, R

 Mechanically induced waves in metallic glass foils.
Mater Des. 2016;90:1110-4.
Panagiotopoulos NT, Yousfi MA, Georgarakis K, Yavari AR

 Nanoporous titanium obtained from a spinodally decomposed Ti alloy.
Microporous Mesoporous Mater. 2016;222:23-6.
Panagiotopoulos NT, Moreira Jorge A, Rebai I, Georgarakis K, Botta WJ, Yavari AR.

Reversible dilatancy in entangled single-wire materials.
Nat Mater. 2016;15:72-7.
Rodney David; Rodney David; Gadot Benjamin; Gadot Benjamin; Martinez Oriol Riu; du Roscoat Sabine Rolland; Orgeas Laurent

Evolution of Crystal Structure During the Initial Stages of ZnO Atomic Layer Deposition
Chemistry of Materials, 2016, DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.5b04223
R. Boichot, L. Tian, M.-I. Richard, A. Crisci, A. Chaker, V. Cantelli, S. Coindeau, S. Lay, T. Ouled, C. Guichet, M. H. Chu, N. Aubert, G. Ciatto, E. Blanquet, O. Thomas, J.-L. Deschanvres, D. D. Fong, and H. Renevier

Date of update October 6, 2017

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