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Science and Engineery of Materials and Processes

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SIMaP laboratory

SIMaP was created in 2007 from association of three former laboratories of the CNRS (the national center for science), Grenoble INP (the group of graduate engineering schools) and UGA (the University of Grenoble Alpes).

The laboratory brings together about 200 collaborators: 60 faculties and researchers, 15 emerita, 42 technical and administrative staff, 80 PhD and post doc and about 30 trainees from engineer degrees to masters. SIMaP is localized on the « east campus » of Grenoble, on the city of Saint Martin d'Hères and spans over about 6300 m2 of buildings of Grenoble–INP.
Researchers are in the fields of chemistry, physics, mechanical properties of materials and fluids and thermic and work on the conception of processes and synthesis of materials. SiMaP is one the leading laboratory for physical metallurgy and thermodynamics as well as architectural materials.

Personnels SIMaP 2017
Research works and projects are focused on three main objectives:
  • Process conception and developement
  • Microstructures and materials architectures properties relationships
  • Materials sustainability
Works are led in the framework of experimental activities of synthesis, processing, characterization and measures as well as simulations and modeling at nearly all scale in space and time.
SIMaP is leader for in situ characterization (in temperature, under magnetic, electric field or in microgravity) and for the coupling of properties analysis and measurements (mechanical-electrical-chemical). SIMaP is a user and reference lab. for the synchrotron facilities at ESRF of Grenoble on low and high energies beam lines.

The research groups
  • GPM2 : Physical and mechanical properties
  • PM : Physical metallurgy
  • TOP : Thermodynamics, Modeling, process development
  • EPM : Synthesis with magnetic processing

Technical skills for the scientific research are organized in technical platforms:
  • Conception Instruments Measures
  • Characterization
  • Computer science, network and calculation

Date of update February 15, 2024

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