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Science and Engineery of Materials and Processes
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Surfaces, Interfaces, Reactivity (SIR)

The scientific subjects of our research group are focused on surface and interfaces, in the fields of phycical chemistry and mechanic, with an effort on the possibility of coupling between them.
The concept of material life time often underlies research, especially involving materials for energy (nuclear, biomass, fuel cells).
In each study, the understanding of phenomena is based on an innovative experimental approach if possible (micro-photoelectrochemistry, acoustic emission, micro-mechanical tests) with the help of well-proven thermodynamic databases (Factsage) and modeling tools (Comsol, Abaqus, Castem).
Group skills are varied, but we can emphasize our excellent expertise in surface physical chemistry, kinetics of heterogeneous processes, adhesion.
Many of the group work is done in collaboration with industry, metallurgical, oil, nuclear, electronics...
Three main themes appear in the observation of research today


M. Yohan Parsa, PhD student at the SIMaP lab (Université Grenoble Alpes), under the supervision of L. Latu-Romain, won the "Jean-Besson" prize during the 47th days of heterogeneous kinetic which was held in Limoges (France).

9th International Symposium on High-Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials

Program committee and editors: Dr B. Pint (ORNL, USA), Dr D. Monceau (U Toulouse, Fr), Pr M. Vilasi (U Lorraine, Fr), Pr Y. Wouters (U Grenoble Alpes, Fr), Pr S. Chevalier (U Bourgogne, Fr), Dr C. Desgranges (CEA, Fr).

► Scientific books publications
La corrosion des métaux - Passivité et corrosion localisée by Bernard Baroux
Physico-chimie des surfaces et acido-basicité by Jean-Charles Joud & Marie-Geneviève Barthés-Labrousse
Nanostructures unidimensionnelles en carbure de silicium by Laurence Latu-Romain et Maelig Ollivier
Mecanic of Solid interfaces by Muriel Braccini & Michel Dupeux...



Written by Sabine Lay

Date of update April 7, 2017

Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes