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PhD thesis

Find all the PhD thesis defended at SIMaP  on the open acccess platform HAL ( or on the dedicated website

Most recent PhD defenses:

Multiphysics modeling of glass melting in cold crucible

Tuesday, November 7th 10:00 am

Thermodynamic of third generation of Fe-Mn-Al-C steels with a duplex structure

Tuesday, October 31st 10:00 am

Metallurgical design of new nanoporous structures
Thursday, October 19th 2:00 pm

Boron extraction from liquid silicon by oxidation for photovoltaic applications
Mathieu VADON

Monday, October 23rd 10:00 am

Design and optimization of structures and microstructures of multi-phase materials with interface effects using level set method.
Alexis FAURE
Monday, October 9th 10:30 am

Study of stress corrosion mechanisms in supermartensitic stainless steels in H2S medium

Thursday, Septembre 28th 10:00 am

Solute clustering in multi-component alloys

Rosen Ivanov

Supervisors: Frédéric De Geuser and Alexis Deschamps
Defended on Friday, February 10th 2017

Architecturd structures optimization for the capture, storage and release of thermal energy


Supervisors: Luc Salvo and Pierre Lhuissier
Defended on Monday, December 12th 2016

3D discrete dislocation dynamics simulation of polycrystalline films and silicon electrostatics

Supervisors: Marc Fivel and Thomas Pardoen (Univ. Catholique de Louvain)
Defended on Monday, December 12th 2016

Cathode optimization for solid oxide fuel cells: experiments and numerical modeling

Supervisors: Elisabeth Djurado (LEPMI) and Christophe L. Martin
Co-supervisors: Monica Burriel (LMGP) and David Jauffrès
Defended on Friday December 9th 2016

Architectured materials for transpiration cooling: application to combustion chambers
Sébastien PINSON

Supervisor: Rémy Dendievel
Defended on Friday, December 9th 2016

Interconnections: Copper and Low K Dielectrics - lifetime optimisation by improvement of electromigration understanding
Giulio MARTI

Supervisors: Yves Wouters and Lucile Arnaud (CEA-LETI)
Co-supervisors: David Ney and Xavier Federspiel (STMicroelectronics)
Defended Decembre 2nd 2016

Sintering and evolution of NdFeB magnets microstructure during thermal treatments: influence of magnetic properties

Supervisors: Jean-Michel Missiaen and Cyril Rado (CEA)
November 21st 2016

Interaction between arc and granular field during an ultra high spedd short circuit in a fuse
Xavier JUST

Supervisors: Jean-Marc Chaix, Rémy Dendievel and Olivier Bonnefoy (Mines de Saint Etienne)
Defended November 21st 2016

Mechanisms of plastic deformation of magnesium matrix nanocomposites

Supervisors: Marc Fivel, Emilie Ferrie, Erica Lilleodden (Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht) and Aude Simar (UC Louvain)
November 18th 2016

304L stainless steel breakaway oxidation: mechanism and influence of pre-strain
Audrey COL

Supervisors: Céline Pascal and Valérie Parry
November 14th 2016

Morphological and dimensional studies of organized nanostructures by small angle X-ray scattering

Guillaume FREYCHET

Supervisors: Mireille Maret and Patrice Gergaud (CEA-Grenoble)
October 20th 2016

Written by Muriel Braccini

Date of update November 15, 2017

Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes
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