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Three Minutes Thesis

Sabrina FadlounSabrina Fadloun, PhD student at SIMaP laboratory (TOP group) in partnership with CEA-LETI and SPTS, won the French National competition of Ma thèse en 180s (Three Minutes Thesis) in Paris June 14th, 2017. She was the Université Grenoble-Alpes' candidate.


Elena Martin Lopez AwardElena Martin Lopez, who is doing her PhD at SIMaP laboratory (EPM groupe) in partnership with CEA-Cadarache, has won the Outstanding Student Presentation Award during the 2017 ICAPP congress.

nanoArt photos contest

Ychen LiYchen Li, student from the Sun Yat-Sem University performing his master internship in TOP group, is the winner of the nanoArt photos contest of the Nanoscience fundation for March. He also won the SIMaP Picture of the month contest the same month.

Grand Prix Constellium 2016

Yannick ChampionYannick Champion, CNRS senior researcher and head of the SIMaP laboratory, is the winner of the 2016 Grand Prix Constellium of Académie des Sciences. This award honors a searcher who contributed to progress in aluminum industry as well as knowledge in aluminum metallurgy.



HDR defense
Thermodynamics of the Gas Phase: Materials and Processes
Ioana NUTA
Tuesday, July 11th 1:00 pm
Jean Besson Amphitheater

Written by Sabine Lay

Date of update June 28, 2017

Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes
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