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Science et ingénierie des matériaux et des procédés
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SIMAP 101 rue de la Physique BP46 Domaine universitaire, site Ampère F-38402 Saint Martin d'Hères

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Research activities

Sintering process and mechanisms in metals, ceramics and multimaterials, with emphasis on field-assisted rapid sintering processes: grain growth, multimaterials

Experimental approach and modelling

Quantitative analysis of microstructures: image analysis, relationships between microstructure and properties

Powders and granular media

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Date of update January 21, 2016

Selected recent papers

Development of an instrumented and automated single-mode cavity for ceramic microwave sintering: application to an alpha pure alumina powder
, J. Croquesel, D. Bouvard, J-M. Chaix, P. Carry, S.Saunier, Materials and Design, Volume 88, 25 December 2015, Pages 98–105

Flash sintering incubation in Al2O3/TZP composites,   E.Bichaud, J.M. Chaix, C. Carry, M. Kleitz, M.C. Steil Journal of the European Ceramic Society 35 (2015) 2587–2592

Microwave sinter forging of alumina powder,  V. Delobelle, J.Croquesel, D.Bouvard, J.M.Chaix, C.P.Carry Ceramics International 41(2015) 7910–7915

Densification and microstructure changes of micron-size nickel powder during direct induction sintering; A. Guyon, D. Bouvard, J.M. Chaix, C.P. Carry, Powder Metallurgy vol 57 no1 ( 2014), 54-60 DOI 10.1179/1743290113Y.0000000069

Identi?cation of the (pE +1/E)-dependence of porous low-k time dependent dielectric breakdown using over one year long package level tests;. E. Chery,?, X. Federspiel, D. Roy, F. Volpi, J.-M. Chaix; Microelectronic Engineering 109 (2013), 90-93

Densification and microstructure changes of ceramic powder blends during microwave sintering;. Audrey GUYON, Jean-Marc CHAIX, Claude Paul CARRY, Didier BOUVARD; Advances in Sintering Science and Technology II: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 232 (2012) 163-171

Co-sintering and Microstructural characterisation of steel / cobalt base alloy bimaterials, C. Pascal, A. Thomazic, A. Antoni-Zdziobek, J.-M. Chaix, Journal of Materials Science (2012) vol. 47, pp1875-1886, DOI 10.1007/s10853-011-5976-8

An investigation on the pressureless co-sintering behaviour of Hadfield steel / cemented carbide bimaterials, C. Pascal, A. Thomazic, A. Antoni-Zdziobek, J.-M. Chaix, Powder Metall., Vol. 55, N° 2, p. 110-117(8) (2012)

Pressureless co-sintering behaviour of a steel / cemented carbide component: model bimaterial, C. Pascal, A. Thomazic, A. Antoni-Zdziobek, J.-M. Chaix, International Journal of Materials Research, 2012/03, Pages 296-308, 2012 ; DOI: 10.3139/146.110647

Parametric study of horizontally vibrated grain packings Comparison between Discrete Element Method and experimental results, Nadler S.; Bonnefoy O.; Chaix J. -M., G. Thomas, J.-L. Gelet, European Physical Journal E, vol.34(7) (2011), art. 66, DOI: 10.1140/epje/i2011-11066-y

Interface Reactivity and Induced Phenomena during Sintering in a Model Steel/Cemented Carbide Bimaterial,  A. Thomazic, C. Pascal, J.-M. Chaix, Advanced Engineering Materials, Vol. 13(7) (2011) p. 594-598, DOI: 10.1002/adem.201000343

Analysis of the densification of a vibrated sand packing, A. Raihane, O. Bonnefoy, J-M. Chaix,
J-L. Gelet, G. Thomas
, Powder Technol. Vol. 208(2) (2011) p. 289-295, doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2010.08.018

Cyclic oxidation and wear of tungsten rods in contact with glass in atmospheric air, C. Dorgans J.-M. Chaix L. Boulangé, Y. Bréchet, J Mater Sci. 45 (2010) 688-700 ; DOI 10.1007/s10853-009-3986-6

Quantitative analysis of microstructure and modeling of sintering, Jean-Marc Chaix, Materials Science Forum Vol. 624 (2009) pp 1-18 (special volume “Sintering Fundamentals”, invited papers)

Copper line topology impact on the reliability of SiOCH low-k dielectrics for the advanced 45nm technology node and beyond, M.Vilmay, D.Roy, C. Monget, F.Volpi, J-M.Chaix, IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability, 9:2 (2009) 120-127

Velocity field computation in vibrated granular media using an optical flow based multiscale image nalysis method,. J. Debayle, A. Raihane, A. Belhaoua, O. Bonnefoy, G. Thomas, J.M. Chaix, J-C. Pinoli, , Image Anal Stereol; 28 (2009), 35-43

Characterization of low-k SiOCH dielectric for 45 nm technology and link between the dominant leakage path and the breakdown localization, M. Vilmay, D. Roy, F. Volpi, J.M. Chaix, Microelectronic Engineering 85 (2008) 2075-2078

Local study of defects during sintering of UO2: image processing and quantitative analysis tools, E.Girard, J.M. Chaix, F. Valdivieso, P. Goeuriot, J.Léchelle, Image Anal. Stereol., 27 (2008) pp.79-85
Univ. Grenoble Alpes