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Science and Engineery of Materials and Processes


Thermodynamics, Modelling, Process Optimisation

The TOP (Thermodynamics, Modelling, Process Optimisation) group has 15 permanent members (7 research scientists and 8 research lecturers) plus around 20 PhDs and postdoctoral research workers.

The activities are focused on three major areas: thermodynamic behaviour of materials,  optimisation of their preparation processes and modelling at atomic scale.

The aim is to understand the physicochemical properties of materials at different scales and develop preparation processes in order to improve the performance of existing materials or to define and obtain innovative materials.

The materials of interest are related primarily to the fields of microelectronics, electronics and energy:  nuclear, photovoltaic, vehicle lightening, hydrogen storage, lighting.

The group's skills are spread over the three areas :



A new approach for the deposition of superconducting thin films


First atomic layers largely determine the quality of thin films grown by ALD
First stages of ZnO growth on saphire substrate

Evolution of Crystal Structure During the Initial Stages of ZnO Atomic Layer Deposition (R. Boichot et al., CM, 2016)

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Date of update March 28, 2019

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