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Science and Engineery of Materials and Processes


Interface mechanics

Modeling and experiments are developed in parallel in this theme where fracture mechanics and interface science are jointly studied. The aim of our work is to get a better understanding of multi-materials failure behavior in order to write predictive models for structure reliability and durability. In particular, mechanical tests dedicated to interface investigation are developed and are coupled with in situ observations by optical or electronic microscopy or by digital image correlation analysis. The collected data are then used to identify parameters of cohesive zone model to describe fracture behavior of materials and interfaces.

Copper-ceramic interface for power device
4-point bending test + optical imaging => CZM parameters identification

More recently, an activity on interface in structures optimization has been initiated in collaboration with PM team in SIMaP. The aim is to evaluate interface influence in optimization process for architectured materials.
Thermal expansion coefficient = 0



Date of update November 26, 2018


  • A. Faure (thèse CEMAM/SIMaP PM)
  • M. Monnot (thèse CEMAM/Ugitech/LEPMI)
  • A. Ponnard (coll. STMicroelectronic)
  • C. Sart (coll. STMicroelectronic)
  • M. Le Druillenec (coll. CEA/SIMaP PM)
  • K. N. Assigbe (coll. SIMaP PM/CEA/MATEIS Lyon)
  • I. Raid (coll. STMicroelectronic)


  • G. Michailidis
  • C. Ovalle

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