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Science and Engineery of Materials and Processes

EuroCVD22 prize

Adrien MOLL, a post-doctoral fellow in the TOP and GPM2 groups, received the award for best presentation at the EuroCVD22-BalticALD16 conference held from 24 to 28 June 2019 in Luxembourg.
Adrien Moll's work focuses on the study of coated architectural structures. The structures are obtained by Electron Beam Melting (GPM2) and the coatings are deposited by CVD and ALD techniques (TOP). Adrien's work focuses on the study of the reactivity of structures with the deposited coating and on structural and functional characterization (mechanical, color, oxidation resistance). This work paves the way for the functionalization of structures resulting from additive manufacturing. The originality of Adrien's work was praised at the EuroCVD22 conference with the prize for the best presentation (K sessions).
Adrien is a post-doctoral fellow between the TOP and GPM2 groups (Labex CEMAM funding).
Prix EuroCVD22 Adrien Moll (SIMaP)

Date of update July 19, 2019

Université Grenoble Alpes