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Associate professor Université Grenoble Alpes Researcher at SIMaP laboratory Chemistry department – IUT1 BSc Materials Science Coordinator


Laboratoire SIMaP 1130 rue de la piscine 38402 Saint Martin d'hères

Site internet :

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Teaching: mineral materials, thermal treatments, characterization
(2nd & 3rd year from the chemistry department, and master 2 at UGA).

Research domain: carbide, nitrides, oxides -high temperature oxidation-, photo-electrochemistry, structural characterization, semi-conducting materials, 1D-nanostructures.

ANRJC research project “PSEUDO” on the semiconducting properties study of thin metallic oxide layers

Architecturated ceramic coatings on stainless steel wires by PVD in a continuous mode

Journal papers:

Book « Silicon carbide one-dimensional nanostructures » ISTE-Wiley editions in French and in English:                                                                                           

Book chapter titled "Si, SiGe and SiC Nanowires: Growth, Structural Characterization and some related Applications" included in the Vol. 4 "Namomaterials and Nanostructures" of the Multi Vol. Set on Nanotechnology. Studium Press LLC ISBN: 1-62699-004-2, ed. 2013.

Thesis in progress:
C. Esparza (2017-2020): Ceramics coatings on stainless steel wires by PVD in a continuous mode
T. Roy
(2017-2020): Solar collectors optimization
F. El Bendadi (2017-2020): Shaddow corrosion
Y. Parsa (2015-2018): Metallic oxide semiconducting properties

Thesis recently defended:
S. Grosso (2017): Multi-architectured and multi-functionalized Ti, TiN and TiOx stainless steel wires
M. Ollivier (2013): Growth of one-dimensional SiC-based nanostructures
J. Choi (2013): Characterization and integration of SiC nanowires into a nano-transistor
E. Rossitto (2009): Synthesis and assembly under electric field of anisotropic semiconductor nanocrystals

Activités / CV

2014     Habilitat, Grenoble University
"Original one-dimensional SiC-based nanostructures"

2007     Associate professor, Grenoble University

2006     Ph. D., Materials Science, Grenoble Institute of Technology
"Bulk growth of single-crystal cubic silicon carbide"

2003     Master research degree in materials science (Grenoble)
               Engineering degree (ENSEEG) Grenoble-INP
Selected articles:

-Towards the growth of stoichiometric chromia on pure chromium by the control of temperature and oxygen partial pressure
L. Latu-Romain, Y. Parsa, S. Mathieu, M. Vilaso, A. Galerie, Y. Wouters
Corros. Sci. 126 (2017) 238-246

- Ti and TiN thin films grown by dc reactive magnetron sputtering PVD in a continuous mode on stainless steel wires
S. Grosso, L. Latu-Romain, G. Berthomé, G. Renou, T. Le Coz, M. Mantel
Surf. Coat. Technol. 324 (2017) 318-327

-The role of oxygen partial pressure on the nature of the oxide scale on a NiCr model alloy
L. Latu-Romain, S. Mathieu, M. Vilasi, G. Renou, S. Coindeau, A. Galerie, Y. Wouters
Oxid. Met. 88(3) (2017) 481-493

-Duplex n- and p-type chromia grown on pure chromium: a photoelectrochemical and microscopic study
L. Latu-Romain, Y. Parsa, S. Mathieu, M. Vilasi, M. Ollivier, A. Galerie, Y. Wouters
Oxid. Met. 86(5) (2016) 497-509

-Advanced STEM/EDX investigation on an oxide scale thermally grown on a high-chromium iron-nickel alloy under very low oxygen partial pressure
L. Latu-Romain, Y. Madi, S. Mathieu, F. Robaut, J.-P. Petit, Y. Wouters
Corros. Sci. 101 (2015) 193–200

- Semiconducting properties of thermal scales grown on a chromia-forming alloy under controlled oxygen partial pressures
Y. Madi, L. Latu-Romain, S. Mathieu, V. Parry, J-P. Petit, M. Vilasi, Y.Wouters
Corros. Sci. 87 (2014) 218-223

- Silicon carbide based one-dimensional nanostructures growth: towards electronics and biology perspectives,
L. Latu-Romain, M. Ollivier
J. Phys. D Appl. Phys., topical review 47(20) (2014) 203001 (18pp)

- Silicon carbide nanotubes growth: An Original Approach,
L. Latu-Romain, M. Ollivier, V. Thiney, O. Chaix-Pluchery, M. Martin
J. Phys. D Appl. Phys. 46, Fast Track Comm. (2013) 092001
Highlights 2013:
- Si-SiC core-shell nanowires
M. Ollivier, L. Latu-Romain, M. Martin, S. David, A. Mantoux, E. Bano, V. Soulière, G. Ferro, T. Baron
J.  Cryst. Growth 363 (2013) 158-163  
- Odd electron diffraction patterns in silicon nanowires and silicon thin films explained by microtwins and nanotwins,
C. Cayron, M. Den Hertog, L. Latu-Romain, C. Mouchet et al.,
J. Appl. Crystallogr. 42 (2009) 1-11


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